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The growing use of SmartPLS has demonstrated its robustness and the applicability of the model in the areas that are being studied. Hypothetical model indicating two models of distinct measurements: A is reflexive and B is formative ( the arrow that links both constructs presents the structural model). How to solve the missing data problem in SmartPLS? SmartPLS models are saved with the extension. splsm and can be opened with the function Select SmartPLS file. Note: A SmartPLS model file (. splsm) consists of both the model structure as well as the data for the manifest variables. Thus, all required information are saved in one file and models can be easily transferred. SmartPLS Manual Page 6. The Advantages and Disadvantages of SmartPLS Software. This paper describes the Partial Least Square model to test the robustness and value of the statistical evaluation.

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    The test is to evaluate the fit of the model for a small sample. The statistical data is calculated with the SmartPLS software. SmartPLS is a tool created for statistical. Data for the section on PLS- SEM with SmartPLS uses the file jobsat. csv, a comma - delimited file which may also be read by many other statistical packages. For the jobsat file, sample size is 932. All variables are metric. Data are fictional and used for instructional purposes only. Variables in the jobsat. * file included these:. PDF | SmartPLS is a professional statistical software with graphical user interface for structural equation modeling ( SEM) using the partial least. | Find, read and cite all the research you. The best way of doing this is to enter a number. For example, if t he construct has as its construct: DC 1. Furthermore, the spreadsheet cannot missing data.

    For missing data, complete any empty cells with a different number than all the rest. Sep 03, · PDF | The objective of this article is to present a didactic example of Structural Equation Modeling using the software SmartPLS 2. What is SmartPLS and how is it used? How to calculate F2 in SmartPLS? SmartPLS is a tool created for statistical analysis, namely PLS – SEM ( Structural Equation Model). The paper describes the advantages and disadvantages of SmartPLS and provides an argument for the use of SmartPLS in the scientific world. Also, the f 2 is the part not- explained ( f 2 = R 2 / ( 1- R 2 ). module on the SmartPLS ( see fi gure 8). REMark – Revista Brasileira de Marketing e- ISSN: DOI: 10. 2717 Data de recebimento: 10/ 01/ Data de Aceite: 19/ 03/ Editor Científico: Otávio Bandeira De Lamônica Freire Avaliação: Double Blind Review pelo SEER/ OJS Revisão: Gramatical, normativa e de formatação STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELING WITH THE SMARTPLS ABSTRACT The objective of this article is to.

    Is SmartPLS reflexive or formative?