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IAS 7 Cash Flow Statements was issued by the International Accounting Standards Committee in December 1992. It replaced IAS 7 Statement of Changes in Financial Position ( issued in October 1977). In April the International Accounting Standards Board resolved that all Standards. The overall objective of IAS 7 is to require entities to report their historical changes in cash and cash equivalents by means of a Statement of Cash Flows which classifies the period’ s cash flows by operating, investing and financing activities. IAS 7 Statement of Cash Flows The objective of this Standard is to require the provision of information about the historical changes in cash and cash equivalents of an entity by means of a statement of cash flows which classifies cash flows during the period from operating, investing and financing activities. Consequential amendments were not made to IAS 7 as a result of the introduction of, and subsequent changes to, IFRS 9 Financial Instruments. A related issue which often arises in practice is the classification of cash flows that arise from a derivative. amended IAS 7 to require additional disclosures surrounding the change in liabilities arising from financing activities. These additional requirements were added to IAS 7 in paragraphs 44A – 44E. This amendment was made in response to feedback from users of financial statements who felt that it. What are the additional disclosures in IAS 7? IAS 7 requires that the components making up the total opening and closing balances of cash and cash equivalents in the Statement of Cash Flows should be disclosed. These totals should be reconciled to the appropriate line items in the Statement of Financial Position ( IAS 7.

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    International Accounting Standard No. 7 ( IAS 7) Cash flow statements This standard, revised in 1992, will run for financial statements covering periods beginning on or after January 1 1994, replacing the previous IAS 7 Statement of Changes in Financial Position, adopted by the Board in October 1997. IAS 7 Cash Flow Statements replaced IAS 7 Statement of Changes in Financial Position ( issued in October 1977). As a result of the changes in terminology used throughout the IFRS Standards arising from requirements in IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements ( issued in ), the title of IAS 7 was changed to Statement of Cash Flows. What does IAS 7 require for cash flow statements? What is the main objective of IAS 7? IAS 7 Summary Notes Page 7 ( kashifadeel. com) of 14 EXAMPLE 7F The following information relates to running finance of ABC Limited. $ Balance at beginning of month 47, 000 Payments 6 January 10, 000 18 January 25, 000 28 January 17, 000 52, 000 Receipts 2 January 7, 000 14 January 18, 000 26 January 30, 000 55, 000. The table below outlines the overall requirements and guidance provided in IAS 7, as well as other related guidance: Table A. 1 – IAS 7 at a glance: IAS 7 ( or related IFRS) reference Scope ( IAS 7.

    Presentation ( IAS 7. Benefits of cash flow information ( IAS 7. 3- 4) Requirements. Are there any consequential amendments to IAS 7?