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“ The study of politics is the study of influence and the influential” ( or, as the title of the book has it, “ Politics [ is] who gets what, when, and, how” ( Lasswell). ” The strength of this definition is that in its vagueness it is inclusive of all the others. It does not limit politics to having power over others, nor does it. History of American Political Parties 1848 Whig Party candidates Zachary Taylor & Millard Fillmore History of American Parties • Six “ party systems” or historical eras • Changes in the nature of the two parties – Which voters support which party – What issues each party adopts • This change called a realignment First Party System. American politics but as a guide to important issues and controversies in the field. Students should draw on their general knowledge of American politics, as well as courses on American Politics and other relevant areas. AMERICAN POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT AND THOUGHT 1. be more than merely familiar with the political body of which they are a part; they must hold a strong and deep understanding of its nature, its structure, its means, and, perhaps most importantly, its ends. American politics ( political science) American politics ( or American government) is a field of study within the academic discipline of political science. It is primarily, but not exclusively, studied by researchers in the United States. What is American political?

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    Vile’ s classic introductory text, Politics in the USA, has now been thor- oughly revised and updated to take account of the considerable developments in American politics over the last ten years. The book provides students with an essential background to the history and development of the American political system as well as an explana-. Political system of the United States. The United States is a federal republic in which the President, Congress and federal courts share powers reserved to the national government, according to its Constitution. What is the political system of the United States? How is a political party organized at the national level? • Political parties at the national level are organized around four ( 4) levels: – Party Convention • Develops platforms – National Committee • Handles party affairs – National Chairperson • Directs party affairs – Campaign Committees. What are the politics of the United States? Politics of the United States. The United States is a federal constitutional republic, in which the President of the United States ( the head of state and head of government), Congress, and judiciary share powers reserved to the national government, and the federal government shares sovereignty with the state governments.