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The law- making is a process during which an idea of a law is transformed into a. Law has different forms ( sources) – acts of the legislative bodies ( statutes), acts of. the executive bodies ( they have different names – orders, instructions, or other), at last. judicial precedents, legal customs. What is the concept of law? What are the basic concepts of law? introductory explanation of the concept of the rule of law and how it relates to development. It concludes with a brief description of some of the criticisms that have been made about the concept of the rule of law. What is the Rule of Law? The rule of law does not have a precise definition, and its meaning can vary between different. CONCEPT OF LAW ROBERT S.

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    SUMMERS* I INTRODUCTION T HIS ARTICLE is a critical exposition of The Concept of Law, ' a book by H. Hart, Professor of Jurisprudence at the Uni- versity of Oxford. Published in 1961, The Concept of Law is surely the most important book in the field of analytical jurisprudence to appear for many years. In a society, the law is a set of principles or rules which also subject to human relationships at the same time, is the power that has any person to perform certain acts and enjoy certain things. Basic Concepts What is law? Do' s and Don’ ts Most people would agree that the law governs human behaviour by rules. It forbids certain ways of behaving, for instance stealing, killing or exceeding speed limits and prescribes others. For example paying taxes or driving on the right lane. Legal rules are also called norms. What is Hart' s concept of law? THE CONCEPT OF LAW SECOND EDITION BY H. HART With a Postscript edited by Penelope A. Bulloch and Joseph Raz CLARENDON PRESS · OXFORD. The Foundation Of Hart' s Theory. Hart presents his legal model, in part, as a response to certain weaknesses in the ' command theory ' of law.

    What is the process of creating a law? Basic concepts of law and law phenomena. of the offense may be delictual individual or organization. In criminal law, the subject is only individual. of the offense is directed thing, the values and benefits that was damaged by offense, goods, life and health of citizens, public order, etc. PDF | On Mar 1,, M. McCubbins and others published Concepts of Law | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate. SA law can be traced back to Roman Law, Roman- Dutch Law and English Law. An abbreviated history of our law looks like this: 1. Roman Law ( 753 BC to 568 AD) – from this we still have the Corpus Iuris Civilis ( a codification of Roman Law) as an authoritative source of RL in SA courts today. When the Roman Empire fell ( 476 AD).