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Neither / nor 12. either Grammar Note: ( From the American Copy Editors Society) A tricky agreement problem: Neither- nor When two subjects are joined by neither- nor or either- or, choosing the right. Either - neither - both: worksheets pdf, handouts, printable exercises. Free grammar resources online. a) Either b) Neither c) Both d) Either of 2. _ _ _ _ _ she leaves or I will. I can' t live with her anymore. a) Either b) Neither c) Both d) Neither of 3. She' s very healthy. She _ _ _ _ _ alcohol nor smokes. a) either drinks b) neither drinks c) both drinks d) both doesn' t drink 4. _ _ _ _ _ the cinemas are showing the new Scorcese film. 1 both 2 neither 3 either 4 both 5 neither 6 either 7 both 8 neither Exercise 2. 1 I haven' t seen either of them since last week.

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    Neither both exercises

    2 She speaks neither Spanish nor French. 3 I like neither/ both of them. 4 She' s both intelligent and witty. 5 Neither of them is married. 1 Ask students to complete the sentences using both, neither or either. Check answers with the class. Answers: 1 both 2 neither 3 either 4 both 5 neither 6 either 7 both 8 neither 2 Tell students to imagine they are a teacher who has to correct the sentences. Give students time to compare their answers and. 3 Supplementary Material KEY CHECK EXERCISE 1. Both Michael and Sarah got their Christmas presents.

    I can find neither my towel nor my sunglasses. Either, Neither or Both Exercise Author: Bob Created Date: 2/ 16/ 9: 04: 06 AM.