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Microsoft Word - Past Simple with other verbs negative. doc Author: Seonaid Bell Created Date: 7/ 15/ 12: 00: 00 AM. Past Simple Negatives & Wh- Questions Past Simple Positive Statements [ Subject + Past Simple] [ 1] I bought a new shirt. [ 2] He walked to school today. [ 3] They went to Japan. [ 4] We studied in the library. Past Simple Negative Statements [ Subject + didn’ t + Present simple] [ 1] I didn’ t buy a new shirt. [ 2] He didn’ t walk to school today. perfect- english- grammar. com Past Simple Form Other Verbs - Mixed Exercise 2 Make the past simple, positive, negative or question: 1. I _ _ _ _ _ ( not / drink) any beer last night. Past simple - pdf exercises. Worksheet : affirmative- negative forms. Worksheet : simple past - interrogative.

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    Irregular verbs - pdf exercises. Past simple - pdf handout. Simple past worksheet - > answers. Worksheet - crossword pdf. He didn´ t go to the swimming pool because he didn´ t like swimming. They didn´ t have dinner at nine o´ clock. Adam didn´ t run 500 m 4. Helen didn´ t eat too many sweets. I didn´ t buy the newspaper in the shop. We didn´ t get up at eight o´ clock and went to school. He wrote to Sally 4.

    Past Simple: Negatives Level Intermediate ANSWER KEY My Notes 1. He didn’ t go to school yesterday. They didn’ t eat lunch at the cafeteria. My sister didn’ t play basketball with her friends. I didn’ t read a newspaper on the train. It didn’ t rain last week. I didn’ t feel sick, so I didn’ t see a doctor. Simple Past Tense – Negative Change the following sentences to a negative and then write another sentence of your own in the affirmative. Mary baked a cake. Mary didn’ t bake a cake. She baked cookies. The boys played soccer.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. Carol called her mother.