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Feb 16, · If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city. On his death bed Imam Shadhili gave Naseeha- counsel to recite his Litany of the Sea ( Hizb ul Bahr) often, and he said, “ Teach it to your children for the Ism al- ' Adham- Greatest name of Allah is in it. ” About Hizbul Nasr: The Litany of Victory. View and download Dua- e- Hizbul- bahr. Hizbul Bahr - Translation Zawiya Fellowship – Annoor Mosque Hizb- ul Bahr Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem ۞ Ya Allahu, Ya ' Aliyyu, Ya ' Adheemu, Ya Haleemu, Ya ' Aleem ۞ Anta Rabbi, wa ' ilmuka hasbi ۞ fa ni' mar- rabbu Rabbi, wa ni' mal hasbu hasbi ۞ tan- suru man tashaa- u wa antal A' zeezur Raheem ۞ Nas- alukal ' ismata fil harakati was- sakanati. Abul Hassan Shadhili said about about the Hizbul Bahr: By Allah, I did not utter it [ the Litany of the Sea] except as it came from the Prophet of Allah ( peace be upon him) from whose instruction I learned it. " Guard it; ' he said to me, " for it contains the Ism al- ' A' dham- Greatest name of Allah: " - It is not recited in any place without security. Hizbul Bahr ( Arabic: حِ زْ بُ الْ بَ حْ رِ ), translated as the ‘ Litany of the Sea’ is an invocation related by Imam Abul Hasan ash- Shadhili X. The great Imam, on his way to perform the pilgrimage, was taught the litany by the Prophet ﷺ in a dream after his voyage had been delayed by poor winds. The story of the Hizbul Bahr The worthy Shaykh Abu al- ' Aza' im Madi ibn Sultan related to me in the city ofTunis, may Allah the Exalted watch over it, as did also the worthy and blessed Shaykh Sharaf al- Din, son of the Shaykh ( al- Shadhili) in the city of Damanhur al- Wahsh of Egypt in the year A.

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