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It is structured in such a way that the reader can receive varying degrees of hints and avoid undesired spoilers. The original document is found in the Obduction game files as a PDF file. Remember, this guide will first try to give you some subtle clues. So, here at the beginning,. Good thing you don’ t die easily in Obduction because the blue blob. See full list on obduction. How is the obduction game structured to avoid spoilers? Obduction Walkthrough Guide. BOOK EXCERPT: This solution guide will take you through Obduction, a game from the creators of Myst and Riven. It includes 135 full- color images, 14 full- page images, 5 two- page spreads, diagrams, detailed maps, backstories, reproductions of important documents, alternate endings, additional content. Getting Started The red bar above means you’ ve reached a Help section — proceed with caution.

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    Obduction walkthrough

    Anything after the red bar has the potential to be a spoiler. If you want a more pristine experience you can jump ahead to the next green bar. This story is about you. The intro in the forest represents your experience of being taken far from home by an organic looking artifact that interrupted your life. You don’ t know where this artifact came from, or why it came to you. But this will be. What is the obduction exploration guide? Where can I find the original document in obduction? Welcome to the Obduction walkthrough. Like all walkthroughs, use it to help but take the time to explore yourself, you will discover much more on your journey than what is detailed here. This walkthrough doesn' t have lots of images.

    Images can spoil the game as you get to see all the surprises too early. The Obduction Exploration Guide is Cyan' s official walkthrough for Obduction. It is structured in such a way that the reader can receive varying degrees of hints and avoid undesired spoilers. Why does obduction Auto- Save my Game? That is because Obduction moves that loaded game to the game- in- progress position and it becomes the default game that will be overwritten very soon then next time Obduction auto- saves a game as you move forward. Obduction User Manual - Menus, Settings, Interface As you walk in the woods on a stormy night, a distant thunderclap demands your attention. You find yourself in what might be a familiar wooded area by a lake. This is Earth, and as you wander around you’ ll realize that this is just one place that people have been taken from. Far From Earth - Battened Down Welcome to Hunrath — some kind of kludgy home for abductees. Hunrath appears to have been a functional community that has recently been evacuated for some kind of battle — with the Mofang — whoever that is. Mayor Josef’ s kiosk messages seem a bit weird — like he takes his position a bit too seriously, maybe. And the imagers themselves are a strange conglomeration of old earth technology melded with some advanced alien stuff. Caroline Farley seems. The following is a walkthrough for Obduction.

    There is also a work- in- progress HintThrough available. Introduction Welcome to Hunrath Finding the Generator Restoring Power for C. Go to the Community Center Navigate the Junkyard Reveal the Door Community Center Secrets Finding Your Plate Elevator Ride Secrets of the Seed- Swap Device Brave New World Turning the Machine Platform Unlocking the.