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What is the IELTS speaking assessment criteria? What are some of the Common topics for IELTS speaking? How is IELTS Speaking test judged? Fluency and coherence. Fluency and coherence means the ability to speak without hesitation or long pauses in a manner easily understood by the examiner. The IELTS exam has four stages; listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Speaking is the most challenging stage for some aspirants. The candidates are judged on the grounds of vocabulary, grammar, and speaking. To have command over English speaking, one needs to focus on what the examiner is demanding, and answer accordingly. IELTS Speaking Questions & Topics for Part One Hometown I’ d just like to ask you some questions about your hometown. 1 Where is your hometown? 2 What was it like growing up there? 3 Has it changed much since you were a child? 4 What do you like most about living there? 5 What kinds of things can visitors to your hometown go and see?

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    The IELTS speaking test lasts 11- 14 minutes. The test is divided into three parts. The IELTS examiner will ask you different types of questions in each part as follows below. Part 1: Short question and answers about familiar topics. This part of the test lasts from 4 to 5 minutes and consists of questions about you and the country you are from. IELTS Speaking Part 2: 10 Practice Questions Ready to be cut out and used for classroom practice. Special person Describe someone who has had a special influence on your life. You should say: Who the person is When you met this person What special qualities this person has And explain how this person has influenced your life. Memorable journey. 100% free questions. Improve your IELTS vocabulary skills. Below are some replies which IELTS candidates gave to 6 questions in part 1 of the Speaking test. Match a reply on the leftwith a reply to the same question on the right ( a – f).

    42 TOPICS FOR IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 & SUGGESTED ANSWERS 42 TOPICS FOR IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 1. Study/ major/ Work 3. Living place & Accommodation 5. Weather/ Favourite Season 6. Museum/ gallery 9. Holiday/ Public holiday 10. 30 Common IELTS Speaking Topics Accommodation Animals ( and pets) Art Books ( and reading habits) Celebrations Childhood Clothing Dreams Education Environment More items. IELTS speaking questions with answers PDF can help you: prepare for the IELTS speaking test. show what a typical Band 9 answer should include. give you ideas about the sort of things you can say in response to the questions. provide ideas about how to describe everyday things and talk about everyday topics. What does IELTS Life skills assess? IELTS Life Skills is a special IELTS test that was designed to assess and grade people who are required to prove their level of English ( more specifically English Listening and Speaking skills ) at Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( CEFR) levels A1 or B1. This test is available at two levels: IELTS Life Skills - A1 Speaking and Listening: Someone who is going to apply for.