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What is the working principle of an electromagnetic flow meter? 2) Under setting mode, the meter returns to measurement mode automatically if no key is pressed for 3 minutes. Parameter Configuration and Operation The setting parameters determine the operation status, calculation method and output mode of the flow meter. Properly setting meter parameter can make the meter work in best condition and higher. The MagFlux® is suitable for flow measurement in all kinds of conduc- tive fluids, and it is especially suited for flow measurement of water, waste water, sludge and other fluids containing particles. The flow meter is easy to install and put into service. However, read this manual first to learn about the MagFlux® electromagnetic flow meter and. Magnetic Flowmeter Technonogy Low investment and operating costs ± 0. 5% Accuracy of Reading ( from 0. 25 fps to 15 fps [ 0. 6 m/ s] ) Wide turndown ratio of 60: 1 Non- intrusive, no moving parts to wear out, maintenance, repair costs low and tolerates high flows without damage More items. E= Induced Voltage ( Linear with velocity). SRS Electromagnetic flowmeter has two forms: compact- type and remote- type. There are seven kinds of electrode materials and four kinds of lining materials available for sensor.

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    Meter electromagnetic flow

    1: The flowmeter is compliant to Standard “ JB/ TElectromagnetic Flow Meter”. 2: Maximum flow speed: 15m/ s. electromagnetic flow meter is discussed. The construction and operation principle of an electromagnetic flow meter is discussed here. Installation techniques of the electromagnetic flow meter are also discussed in this paper. The typical specification of the electromagnetic flow meter is listed in this paper. All possible causes for wrong reading. How Electromagnetic Flowmeters Work. Measuring Flow with an Electromagnetic Flow Meter. Electromagnetic flow meters actually measure the velocity ( speed) of fluids in a pipe.

    Flow is then automatically calculated in the controller by multiplying the velocity by the cross sectional area of the pipe. standard electromagnetic flow meter. Class- leading Flow Performance The combination of sensors with ultra- linear magnetics, proven technology, signal processing and sensor drive results in unsurpassed accuracy and an operable flow range of 1500: 1. MagMaster' s class- leading performance ensures reliable and accurate measurement over the widely. Faraday ' s Law The operation of a electromagnetic flowmeter is based upon Faraday' s Law, which states that the voltage induced across any conductor as it moves at right angles through a magnetic field is proportional to the velocity of that conductor. How does electromagnetic flowmeter work? Electromagnetic flow meters are of two types, insertion type and full bore. Full Bore meter is a circular meter where, when the flow passes by filling the entire bore area, the meter can measure the average velocity inside the meter. The Insertion Type measures velocity at only one point Accessories:. Why use a magnetic flow meter? How does an electromagnetic flow meter work>?