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7) In which sentence is the Simple Present used correctly? a) Carol clean the bathroom. b) Carol cleans the bathroom. 8) In which sentence is the Simple Present used correctly? a) Andrew wash the dishes. b) Andrew washes the dishes. c) Andrew washs the dishes. C - Form questions in the Simple Present. What are examples of present tense verbs? The examples of present tense verbs are: I write – I write this letter to you. I walk – I walk everyday. But, the present tense verbs can indicate the state of an action too. Present simple: worksheets pdf, handouts and free printable exercises online.

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    Simple present tense

    Elementary and intermediate level. The simple present ( also called present simple or present indefinite) is a verb tense which is used to show repetition, habit or generalization. Less commonly, the simple present can be used to talk about scheduled actions in the near future and, in some cases, actions happening now. What is a simple present tense sentence? The past tense of exercise is exercised. The third- person singular simple present indicative form of exercise is exercises. The present participle of exercise is exercising. The Present Simple Tense Exercise at Auto- English Author: Bob Created Date: 3/ 8/ 2: 35: 03 PM. What tense are they? 2 Look at answers 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7. 3 Which sentences are about regular actions?

    4 Which sentences are about actions at or around the time of speaking? 5 Look at answer 8. Does it fit the pattern? A Lisa Millie 12 Present simple; present continuous; state verbs; the verb to be 1 Present tenses grammar. 2 Simple Present Spelling Rules: - s and - es Endings 1. Add - s to most verbs. close– closes love– loves stop– stops dance– dances open– opens take– takes exercise– exercises play– plays write– writes feed– feeds put– puts work– works 2. Add - es to verbs ending in - sh, - ch, - s, - x, and - z. wash– washes dress– dresses buzz– buzzes. The simple present tense is used: To express habits, general truths, repeated actions or unchanging situations, emotions and wishes: To give instructions or directions: To express fixed arrangements, present or future: To express future time, after some conjunctions: after, when, before, as soon as, until:. What are simple present verbs? What is the past tense of exercise? Oct 11, · Simple Present Tense Choose the correct verb from the list below to complete the following sentences.

    Use the correct form of the simple present tense. fix stand speak drink eat do wear have wash make listen buy take watch brush 1. I _ _ _ _ _ breakfast at 7: 00 every morning.