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org Written by Bob Wilson © Robert Clifford McNair Wilson Can, Could, May and Might Exercise Use one of the modal verbs in brackets to fill each gap. a) may a) may b) may be b) may not 5. There’ s no sound coming from 14. I’ m not sure who she is. a) might a) may be b) might be b) may not 6. late today because I may 15. cookies inside this box! have some extra work to do. Let’ s open it and find out! a) may not a) might be. Will won' t may might exercises pdf. Will may might for predictions exercises.

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    Will might may adverbs of possibility exercises. 30 minutes, workout bodyweight no- pym bodyweightwith summer in full swing, is the perfect time to mix the routine by taking your exterior workout. Modal verbs are used to show if we believe something is certain, probable or possible ( or not). We also use modals to do things like talking about ability, asking permission making requests and offers and so on. The modal verbs are can, could, may, might, shall, should, will and would. English modal verbs : explanation on the use of can, could, may, might, should, ought- to, shall, will, with an online exercise. · 6, 294 Downloads. This interactive Powerpoint presentation is a multiple choice game on may- might. The students have to click the correct option to complet. 4, 015 Downloads. Modal verbs; will, can, should, must, may, might. May’ and ‘ Might’ Level Intermediate ANSWER KEY My Notes Answers will vary.

    Some possible answers: 1. Jack might go to bed. I may not be on time. Sarah might buy some clothes. They may see each other. James might get sick. My brother may buy some food. I mighty not go to work today. Exercise: modal auxiliaries can, could, may and might 5. Exercise on how to use can, could, may and might to ask permission or offer something. Explanation of can, could, may, might with permission and offering. Ask permission or offer to do something. If there are two auxiliaries in brackets ( ), choose the correct one. · These modals exercise with answers pdf are specially designed for a better understanding of English language modals exercises. Present time is the time of online studies so this modals class 10 mcq online test is going to benefit you immensely.

    Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals from the options given below. Might — may, might, could express a weak degree of certainty. % degree of certainty → He might be sick. → perhaps, maybe " I am making a guess. " " There are other possibilities. " Modality ( 3 § 9. 2) See Modality for epistemic, deontic, and dynamic examples. KEY - Modal verbs: must, may, might, could, can‘ t 1. Fill in the gaps with must, may, might, could or can’ t. a) He must be here. I can see his car in front of the building. b) I may not / might not pass the exam. I don' t feel very confident.

    c) She can’ t speak French very well. She' s only lived in Paris for a few weeks. May might will exercises pdf 30 minutes, workout bodyweight no- pym bodyweightwith summer in full swing, is the perfect time to mix the routine by taking your exterior workout. After all, outdoor exercise can improve energy levels and decrease stress to a greater extent than operation inside. · Modals A – may/ might ( Permission, Possibility) The authorities must do something about the traffic congestion. John’ s not here yet. He must be stuck in traffic. To understand the difference in meaning of these two examples it’ s best to look at modal verbs using the words intrinsic and extrinsic which are often used to describe modal verbs. 2) There is a small chance the we ( may, might) go to the beach this weekend. 3) There is a good change that we ( might, may) have to postpone the meeting. 4) Billy and I ( may, might) cook dinner tonight.

    5) The airplane ( might, may) crash. 6) You never know, I ( may, might) become president one day. Podíamos haberte ayudado. Podriais haberlo hecho. Corregir Ver Solución Limpiar. « 142: Verbos modales III - May/ Might - Pronunciación. I might have doing exercise. Tonight I prepare sports competition for next month. It organized high school. I' ll attend some truck race. Additionally I might have cook beef to get protein. I may visit UK one day. I suppose UK' s weather is foggy and cloudy all of.

    May vs might exercises pdf. May i might exercises. Warning: Can only detect less than 5000 charactersп ¸ ¸ ¸ ¸ ¸ ¸ ððð,, ðμμ ð²ðð¸,,, ð ñ²²²ð ° ñ¸ ¸ ¸ ² ñ ñ μ μ μ μ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ € € € μðððððð » » » ð. Dad says we _ _ _ _ _ borrow his bicycle if we’ re careful. You _ _ _ _ _ carry this, could you? _ _ _ _ _ you be free for lunch on Saturday? Los verbos modales: expresar la probabilidad ( must, can, may, might) Algunos verbos modales como must, can, could, may o might se utilizan para expresar un juicio sobre la probabilidad de que una situación en concreto ocurra o no. Fijaros en la siguiente conversación: Jane: What are you going to wear at the party, Laura? Laura: I don’ t know. Can could be able to may might exercises pdf Home » Activities » Communication and Listening exercises Over the years, I’ ve collected these communication exercises and activities from a variety of LinkedIN discussions and recommendations from trainers and business people. Pobierz ćwiczenie w formacie PDF. Więcej ćwiczeń dla Czasowniki modalne can, could, may i might w języku angielskim: 1918. Translate the sentences into English. Use the verb can.

    Zobacz także: Opis gramatyki: Czasowniki modalne can, could, may i might w języku angielskim lub wszystkie Czasowniki modalne ćwiczenia. The modals may and might both express possibility. However, may is used when there is a higher possibility for something to happen. The structures are: may: we start with the subject followed by may and a verb. ; might: we start with the subject followed by might and a verb. ; For example: — “ You may want to use this path, it’ s less steep. ” = There is a higher possibility that you choose. Form: May and Might are modal verbs, like can, will and should, so they follow the same rules. 1) Do not add ‘ s’ to the third person singular. NOT He mays come. NOT She mights stay.