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By Technology Analysis. By Component Analysis. To get more information on the regional analysis of this market, Request a Free sample Globally, North America accounted for the maximum share in the global market mainly due to the rising expenditure on advanced manufacturing technologies by developed countries such as Canada and the United States. Also, various government agencies, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA), have identified major R& D investments that can greatly contribute to space applications and create new technologies that drive business expansion. Europe holds the second- highest 3D printing market share in the global market. The demand for this technology is high among small and medium- sized industries that require high- speed, reliable, and inexpensive prototypes for manufacturing purposes. The regional market is expected to showcase strong growth in the adoption of this technology in the manufacturing and semiconductors industry Asia Pacific is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR du. See full list on fortunebusinessinsights. To know how our report can help streamline your business, Speak to Analyst Wider Adoption of Software to Make Designs of the Objects and Parts is Anticipated to Fuel its Growth Rate On the basis of components, the market has been segmented into hardware, software, and services. Adoption of hardware for the manufacturing of 3D printed materialcaptured maximum share and is likely to maintain its dominance during the forecast period. The hardware segment is becoming increasingly competitive as m. What are the uses of 3D printing? Substantial Investments of Governments to Foster the Market Growth Many countries across the globe are experiencing massive digital disruptions in advanced manufacturing technologies. The United States is a potential user of 3D technology. In, the United States Department of Defense included this technology as an important capability in the budget.

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    In May, the government of Canada granted USD 8. 9 million in funding to the University of Waterloo to develop a 3D lab to accelerate the additive manufacturing processes. This shows that governments are well acquainted with the benefits and advantages of this technology and hence focus on making a substantial investment in the technology. Similarly, China is making significant efforts to maintain the competitive index of the manufacturing industry in the global market. Chinese manufacturers foresee this technology as both a risk and opportunity for the Chinese manufacturing economy, and hence they tend to invest in the resea. 3D printing entrepreneurship is strong and driven by applications. A record- high $ 1. 1B+ was raised by 3D printing startups in 3D printing in alone. Applications of 3D printing are attracting the largest number of investors. The 3D printing market keeps growing at record speeds. The global 3D printer market is valued at USD 9. 9 billion ( ), and it is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 23. This is a substantial growth rate as the general growth rate is around 5- 10% for most of industries. North America’ s 3D printer market is projected to reach.

    In the personal 3D printer market analysis, two cases were selected that have contributed significantly to the widespread growth of 3D printing. The first case is the RepRap project that initiated the first self- replicating machines and boosted the personal 3D printing market ( Fonda, ). To get information on various segments, share your queries with us The 3D printing market research report highlights leading regions across the world to offer a better understanding to the user. Furthermore, the report provides insights into the latest industry growth trends and analyzes technologies that are being deployed at a rapid pace at the global level. It further offers some drivers and restraints, helping the reader gain in- depth knowledge about the market. 3D Printing TrendsD Hubs 3D Printing Market Size & Forecast To get a sense of the bigger picture, the reports of six reputable market analysts on the current size and future growth of the global 3D printing market were reviewed. All six reports were released in and represent the most up- to- date information currently available. Request a Free sampleto learn more about this report. Advancements in 3D Hardware and Software is Creating New Revenue Streams for Market Players Techno- savvy start- ups and established key market players are upgrading and developing new technologies. The advancements in hardware have led to faster and reliable 3D printers for production applications. Polymer 3D Printers are one of the most used 3D printers. According to a report by Ernst & Young Global Limited states that 72% of the enterprises leveraged polymer additive manufacturing systems, whereas the remaining 49% used metal additive manufacturing systems.

    The statistics show that developments in polymer additive manufacturing would create new market opportunities for market players. Fused Filament Fabrication ( FFF) and powder bed fusion technologies such as Multi Jet Fusion offered by HP Inc. are expected to be the most preferred industrial 3D technologies by the manufacturers due to their ability of volume manufacturi. What careers use 3D printing? By Application Analysis. There are 3D printers that are larger than regular homes. For instance, the largest 3D printer from WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co from China stands 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long. up with Stratasys to ensure a 3D printing market share in April and produced their first 3D printer, the HP DesignJet ( HP Press Release ). Although this product was ultimately unsuccessful due to poor timing, HP has remained invested in researching 3D printing to maintain an edge over the competition ( Grimm). 3D printing relies heavily on designers who can take a product idea and translate it into something that can feasibly be brought to life. Thanks to its growth, 3D printing will create jobs for 3D designers at 3D printing firms, in companies as part of creative teams, and as freelancers. High Initial Investments to Restrict the Market Growth High initial investments are observed to be the most significant restraint for 3D printing adoption. This investment encompasses investment in hardware, software, materials, certification, additive & manufacturing education, and training for the employees.

    The capital costs and resources required to set up a 3D system are quite expensive than traditional printing methods. However, with the introduction of the industrial Desktop 3D printer, the manufacturers are helping the end- customers cut the high initial costs. Desktop printers are easy to use and handle and also are less expensive than the 3D system. Uses for 3D printing include creating artificial organs, prosthetics, architectural models, toys, chocolate bars, guitars, and parts for motor vehicles and rocket engines. To make an object, a 3D printer refers to a model in a digital file and applies layers of material, such as plastic or chocolate, until the object is completed. Companies are Focusing on Partnership and Collaboration Activities for Safer Internet Environment The prominent players of the 3D printing market are focusing on offering advanced and innovative solutions catering to the growing needs of industries. These key players are investing in R& D to provide innovative services and materials. They are entering into strategic partnership and collaboration to provide next- generation 3D solutions. These companies are offering consumer- centric solutions to help in boosting business growth. Similarly, the key players are keen on offering a vast range of 3D materials to grow across every industry application. September – Materialise NV announced a partnership with the Ditto Eyewear industry to develop a virtual eyewear try- on platform. Through the partnership, the companies aim to provide a personalized shopping experience by offering 3D printed frames to the customers June – 3D Systems Inc. announced a plasticsmaterials portfolio to expan. Fused Deposition Modeling ( FDM) Technology to be at the Forefront Based on technology, the market has been categorized into FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS/ SLM, Polyjet, Multi Jet Fusion, DLP, Binder Jetting, EBM, CLIP/ CDLP, SDL, and LOM.

    Among these, fused Deposition Modeling ( FDM) technology captured the maximum share in. This segment' s growth is mainly due to the ease of operation and advantages associated with the technology. FDM technology is highly used in making durable, strong, and dimension. Supply Chain Disruption and Halts on Production Units Negatively Impact 3D Printing Industry Amid Lockdown Post outbreak of the COVID- 19 crisis, industrial hubs, manufacturing sectors witnessed an immediate supply chain disruption and halts on production. As a result of the fast- spreading pandemic, the overall industrial production across the globe has seen a sharp decline. It has been demobilized, reflecting supply chain disruption, and reviving financial market conditions. The crisis has forced market players across the globe to reduce their operational expenditure. Fewer operation expenditures are likely to restrict the investments of market players in new 3D technologies. This might impact the 3D printing market growth. The temporary closures of the factories in major economies such as China, Southeast Asia, the UK, Germany, and others have impacted the production plants of the 3D technology industry and operations of suppliers resulting in short- term supply shortages. Prototyping to Capture Maximum Market Share Due to its Widespread Acceptance Across Various Vertical Industries Industrial 3D printing has application in prototyping, production, proof of concept, and others. Due to a widespread acceptance of the prototyping process across various vertical industries, the prototyping segment represented the largest market share in. Prototyping helps businesses to achieve greater precision and produce consistent end products. 3D printing or AM helps manuf. What are the best 3D printing sites?

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