Comparative worksheet pdf

Jan 03, · Comparative worksheets pdf. Comparative and superlative 1. Are bigger than 6. Printable worksheet pdf version. Also grammar reference chart at top. Q5 use each of the comparative and superlative degrees mentioned in irregular comparatives and superlatives table and make one sentence. Is farther further than 12. Worksheet Comparatives A. Fill in the blanks with the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets: 1. Your tea is than China, India, the U. and most of Europe— combined! ( big ) than mine ( hot ).

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    Comparative worksheet

    There are many healthy foods that taste 4. Superman could travel than a speeding bullet. some comparative adjectives. • To show an unequal comparison using an adjective with one syllable, you must add “ er” to the ending. [ adjective + “ er” ] than Example: Yuri is smarter than Joe. Diirreeccttiioonnss: : Fill in the spaces with the appropriate comparative adjective. Dennis is _ _ _ _ _ ( old) than Kiki. Comparatives Superlatives: Adjectives Adverbs Grammar ractice Worksheets Exercise 9 COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES – ADJECTIVES AND ADVERBS Complete the following sentences with the correct comparative or superlative adjective or adverb. The adjective form is provided. Change the adjective into an adverb when necessary. Exercises - handouts pdf.

    Comparatives and superlatives - handout. Comparative and superlative - worksheet. Comparative adjectives - worksheet. Comparatives: exercise 1 / exc. Degrees of comparison. Comparison of adjectives - pdf. Comparative adjectives - pdf. Comparison - pdf exercises. GRAMMAR WORKSHEET ALL Things Grammar Grammar Focus Comparatives Level Intermediate ANSWER KEY 1. am taller than 2.

    is busier than 3. is hotter than 4. is larger than 5. are bigger than 6. are more exciting than 7. is better than 8. are healthier than 9. are more dangerous than 11. is farther / further than. Sep 26, · Comparative worksheets pdf. Adjective comparative superlative long longer than the longest fast faster than pretty the prettiest beautiful more beautiful than ugly uglier than thin the thinnest fashionable more fashionable than 2. Add to my workbooks 26 download file pdf embed in my website or blog add to google classroom.