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Six Sigma is - - - • “ Six Sigma is shorthand for a discipline that allows any business to design, improve and manage its processes so that they perform at their highest possible levels. • High levels of performance mean high volume, fast turnaround times, very few errors or defects and low cost. Effective and efficient processes. What is the main goal of a Lean Six Sigma? What makes a bad Lean Six Sigma project? Lean Six Sigma Terminology 1- Sample Sign Test – This is used to test the probability of a sample median being equal to hypothesized value. 2- Sample t- Test – Used for testing hypothesis about the location two sample means being equal. 5 Why' s - The 5 why’ s typically refers to the practice of asking, five times, why the failure has. Signs that a project is a bad Six Sigma project include: The project sponsor or Six Sigma director cannot clearly state the problem that the project was chartered to solve. There is no way to obtain sufficient data to evaluate process performance and/ or customer satisfaction. With a Six Sigma process even a significant shift in the process mean results in very few defects. 853 Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods. What is Lean Six Sigma [ benefits and implementation]? Lean Six Sigma has been applied successfully to virtually any industry.

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    Connect with a Lean Six Sigma Expert for a free initial consultation to learn more about how Lean Six Sigma can be easily applied within your organization. The Basics of Lean Six Sigma www. Learn about Lean. Learning about Lean and Six Sigma is a good first step for understanding how these efforts can advance environmental goals. Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology designed to eliminate problems, remove waste and inefficiency, and improve working conditions to provide a better response to customers' needs. What is Six Sigma? Integrating lean and Six Sigma. Lean and Six Sigma both provide customers with the best possible quality, cost, delivery, and a newer attribute, nimbleness. Implementing Six Sigma. Six Sigma Resources. Six Sigma Certifications. Lean Six Sigma – Benefits. The Benefits Are There For The Taking The Benefits Always Include Increased Market Share, Lowered Cost Higher Profits And Happier Customers ( And Shareholders) “ Lean” Is The Only Answer Known That Provides These Benefits “ Lean” Never Fails If You ( R- E- A- L- L- Y) Do It Saying “ Lean” Is Not Doing Lean.

    Lean Six Sigma is a ‘ management philosophy to improve process capability by reducing variation in the process’. It is a methodology to improve process to reduce defects ( quality improvement), increase productivity, reduce cycle time, reduce cost and satisfying customer needs profitably. There are various tools in Lean Six Sigma. What is the best way to understand Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma came into existence which is the c ombination of Lean and Six Sigma. The fusion of Lean and Six Si g ma is required because : Lean cannot bring process under statist ical control.